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 Feeling uncomfortable with the multiplayer? 
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Post Feeling uncomfortable with the multiplayer?
Hello gamer partners! As a huge fan of the single player campaign, I haven't really tried the MP so much. Now that the story is over and I'm nearly Redeemed, I've started to have a look at the other side of RDR, the multiplayer. When I started my first free roam session, there was only two or three player in the lobby, which deifinitely isn't fun when each player is wandering miles apart from others and any sort of encounter with other players is less likely. Luckily, me and my friend are going to have a PS3 LAN somwhere in June after the Co-op mission pack has been released, so we will be able to talk with each other, which will make free roam a bit funnier to play when you can just cause random chaos with your buds and come up with strategies and stuff. When I felt like playing gang matches, there wasn't anyone to join the game. Today my friend invited me to a match and I got to play Shootout and Capture the flag. The idea is simple and works well in both of them BUT a big minus in the multiplayer is that you can see your enemies on the minimap every time they're shooting or running, which makes surprise attacks almost impossible. And for last, there's the stupid possibility to use the Normal targeting, which in close quarter combats is basically the same as auto aim. And auto aim in a multiplayer game? Perhaps the stupidest idea ever! If players can use a targeting system that locks on to the enemy, it takes pretty much no skill to get kills and level up. Since the targeting doesn't take too much concentration, you will mostly pay attention to the minimap and mainly just look for enemies near you and wait for them to come close, tap the targeting button and pull the trigger. I know that there are veteran versions of these games, but I think that multiplayer should be about having fun and showing off your skills as a gunslinger, without having the ability to lock on to targets in any way. The blips on the minimap, showing the locations of the players is okay in free roam, since the entire gaming world is your playground and it would be impossible to find anyone there. But gang matches are usually built around a certain town or a geographical feature, the area could be limited so the players wouldn't be able to cross the line of the match area. If it was so, the blips on the map could be erased, and more strategic gameplay would be possible.

That's all I got to say so far. I don't mean to upset anyone in any way, but that't just my opinion. Maybe I just need to get more used to that kind of gamplay after playing a lot of first person shooters like MW2.


June 10th, 2010, 9:05 am
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Post Re: Feeling uncomfortable with the multiplayer?
That's right dude, I see what you mean and I feel the same. RDR multiplayer is definitely fun, but the gameplay is very particular and needs a lot of practice.

The concept is adapted directly from GTA, and will never be as smooth as Call of Duty. A Max Payne like gameplay would have been more confortable for gunfights, same as Red Dead Revolver was on the first XBOX (if you haven't tried it yet, get it coz it's a must have) but you'd have lost all the realism of the animations. That's a developper choice.

If you're looking for an alternative to RDR with a real third person shooter camera and original game mods, I suggest you to buy Lead and Gold (PSN, Steam, or XBOX Live Arcade)


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