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Red Dead Redemption Realistic Roleplay
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Author:  Airassault54 [ October 21st, 2010, 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  Red Dead Redemption Realistic Roleplay

Red Dead Redemption Roleplay is of course set in the wild west. I have made a successful RP Mode for GTA IV on the xbox 360 and when RDR came out i started trying to implement Gta IV Real Life Roleplay into a RDR RRP.

This Game is not for everybody. If you often break rules or cant listen to simples rules then dont bother reading any further.

This game is for Expert players who want to have a good experience playing roleplay that is actually realistic in those days.

Their is a money system-

Some jobs are listed below
Hooker= Sex for money
Bartender=Sells alchohal
Gang Leader= (Variable)
Lawmen=Helps keep order in town- Run by the mayor
Mayor= In charge of town and can make and change laws
Fur trader= Sells fur
Gun Smith=Sells guns
General Store Owner=Buys from Fur trader and Farm Owner-Good pay
Farm owner=Gets money from selling livestock and crops on the farm
Hotel Manager= Rents out apts

Those jobs listed areant even close to the amount of jobs that u can have when u play with us.

So if you would like to play make sure u check this post to see when we are playing the games.

U must have Insaniac RDR or Insaniac RDR2 added-Sent in a txt msg(If it is a voice msg it will be deleted automatically) that u are interested in playing RDR Realistic Roleplay

If you have questions contact me- Airassault54

Game times may change

Times differ due to timezones
Next match- Thursday- October 21st 7 pm central(TODAY)

We have a forum for Roleplay:

Insaniac RDR must be added- Airassault54 will send invites to the game if your on at the specified time---

Tips to getting in:

1.Add Insaniac RDR-Insaniac RDR2 or their will be no way on getting in.(Only need 1 Gamertag added to get in)

2.Accept Invites from Airassault54-----Freedomna

3.Be on 30 mins to and 1 hour early and u might get an invite 2 some fun private free roam game ; D

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